Romantic Date Ideas in Toledo

Romantic Date Ideas in ToledoIt seems that today's world offers even more distractions than ever. Aside from the demands of work and family, there seem to be many technological diversions that absorb our time and attention that before we know it, weeks have turned into months and we haven't really spent any time on the important things—like making time for the ones we love. Get back to the basics of your relationship in a special way by planning a memorable romantic date in Toledo with your sweetheart. A walk in the park, a visit to a beautiful garden, or enjoying some unforgettable art at a museum—these are all great ideas, and they are all romantic date possibilities that can become realities when you plan to spend quality time with your significant other in Toledo.

Toledo Botanical Gardens
Breathe in some fresh air as you and your date enjoy the natural beauty that is everywhere at the Toledo Botanical Gardens. This is a marvelous and romantic way to escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday pressures and relax as nature comfortably surrounds you. One of the many highlights is a recreated pioneer garden that hints at what the area might have looked like hundreds of years ago. There are also acres of fragrant meadows, expansive areas of greenery and roses and other flowers that all make for a stunning and picturesque setting everywhere you look.

Address: 5403 Elmer Drive, Toledo, OH 43615 - MAP
Phone: (419) 536-5566

Toledo Museum of Art
You and your date can casually stroll from one exhibit to the next when you plan a romantic date to the Toledo Museum of Art. See artwork rendered in a variety of media that ranges from the ancient to the contemporary. The paintings, sculptures and photos are all arranged in a way that not only makes thematic sense, but the works that are housed here will no doubt spark lively conversation between you and your companion. Also, there are regularly scheduled visiting exhibits and other special events throughout the year.

Address: 2445 Monroe Street, Toledo, OH - MAP
Phone: (419) 255-8000

Ritter Planetarium and Observatory
Maybe it's been a while since the thought of your partner has left you starry-eyed. You can recapture that starlight glow and even enjoy the chance to get closer to your sweetie when you plan a romantic date at the Ritter Planetarium and Observatory. Learn about what's in the night sky in a truly fun and informative way. Plus, gain some useful knowledge about the various constellations and planets that light up the sky night after night.

Address: University of Toledo, Toledo, OH 43606 - MAP
Phone: (000) 000-0000

Willis B. Boyer Museum Ship
Make history as a couple by revisiting some aquatic history when you both pay a visit to the SS Col. James M. Schoonmaker museum ship in Toledo. This vessel has been a vital part of Toledo's skyline as it is moored near the city's International Park. This impressive ship has been said to be the world's largest bulk freighter, and it is a mighty example of engineering function and artistic style. It has since been renamed the Willis B. Boyer Museum Ship. Its maritime heritage awaits you when you step on board and experience this symbol of a bygone era.

Address: 26 Main Street, Toledo, OH - MAP
Phone: (419) 936-3070

Valentine Theatre
At Toledo's Valentine Theatre, the name says it all, especially if you are planning a romantic night out with your significant other. This vintage venue is located in downtown Toledo and has a romantic history all its own. The facility has hosted various plays, musicals and other productions during the staggering 108 years that it has been in operation. The 901-seat theater still presents an active schedule of events and is operated by the Toledo Cultural Arts Center.

Address: 400 North Superior Street, Toledo, OH - MAP
Phone: (419) 242-2787